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Posted on February 10, 2010 at 11:19 PM

The kids were anxious. Antsy and anxious.  They wantedmore excitement and challenge. Adventure.  So far our hikes weresafe and easy for them.  For me, theywere a stretch and exciting.  Of course,my physical challenges are far greater.


For our third day, we decided that my daughters would choosethe days activities.  I provided maps,park newspaper and tour books.  Theypoured over them and selected the hike to hidden canyon.  Hidden canyon was rated a moderate, 2.2 mileroundtrip hike.   We decided to leaveearly in the morning, lunch at the top and return in the early afternoon.


Up and out early by 8:30 am, we were on the bus by 9am.  The base of the trail is located at base ofweeping rock, which is a very popular and beautiful spot.  We started up the series of switchback inorder to ascend 850 feet.  Theswitchbacks were in full sun.  Andsteep.  Very steep.


The trip was supposed to take 3 to 4 hours.  For me, the ascent took almost twohours.  I had to pause at eachswitchback to catch my breath.  I feltso bad for the kids to slow them down. I admit that there were times when I could barely catch my breath.


We finally reached the top where the trail split.  One part of the trail split to the top ofthe canyon and our half split to the hidden canyon.  We continued on towards the hidden canyon and came to our firstset of chains.


For those who rock climb, chains aren’t a surprise.  For those of us who don’t know any better,this was intimidating.  Chains anchoredinto the rock with a sloping, slippery trail. Fun.


Fortunately, this was very short section of only a fewfeet.   Going slowly, we made our waypast the area helping each other over the height and fear.  Just beyond, we hit a long stairs andanother set of chains.  This set waslong, steep and disappeared around a bend.


We were in a conundrum. My middle child was anxious to go. My oldest eager but wary.  Myyoungest hopefully oblivious.  Myhusband worried.  In honest, I was eageras well.   We compromised that I wouldgo with the girls as far as I could and see if it was passable.  Actually, it was not as bad as Ithought.  If we didn’t rush and held onto the chains, the path was doable.  Except that my oldest daughter decided after a short distance to notcontinue.  My middle girl went the wholelength all the way to the canyon.  Shewas the only one who made it.


I paused just prior the entrance of the canyon to catch mybreath and stopped.  We headed back tothe beginning of the chains and that is when the fun started.


Next time . . .

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