Family Travel and Autism

It's Time for Everyone to Have Fun!

Budget Friendly

Paying for ABA?  RDI?  Tutors? Speech? OT?  Who has money left over to take a vacation?  You can take a trip and have change left over.

Low Budget in The Great Outdoors

Nothing is more budget friendly than camping.  Lost cost per night averaging $25.00 for state parks -- much cheaper than a hotel room.  Many free activities for children.  Some campgrounds even have a pool.  For more information on camping, please read the review.

Wallet Crunching in Mouseland

The Happiest Place on Earth is often the cruelest on your wallet.  Walt Disney World recently held a promotion for this fall.  Reservations at WDW resort hotels include a free meal plan.  If you planning a trip in the near future, consider off season for lower rates.  WDW runs promotions from time to time so be prepared and watch ads closely. Many individiuals who are planning a trip, open a WDW credit card that awards points or WDW dollars.  These WDW dollars can be applied towards a trip to WDW.  For more information on WDW, read on.  You can also use the mousesavers website for more specific tips on money saving in mouseland.

When to Buy the Airline Ticket

When to buy the airline ticket is often a conundrum.  Do you wait and hope the prices drops?  Or do you buy the ticket now?  Try  The site is easily navigable and includes hotels as well.  Good traveling!

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