Family Travel and Autism

It's Time for Everyone to Have Fun!

Family Friendly

Not all tourism destinations are family friendly.  An elite ski resort is not the right location for a family that has never skied before - try a location closer to home.  If noise is a problem, Walt Disney World will need lots of preparation and a nice set of headphones.  This page is your resource for family friendly locations.

The Happiest Place on Earth

The happiest place on earth can be for many families.  For families with ASD, this place can be a nightmare.  With proper planning, the trip to mouseland is a dream vacation.  Not just for the siblings but for your child with autism.  Mom and Dad can have fun as well.  Read On

Family Oriented in The Great Outdoors

Family is a central theme in camping.  Where ever we have camped, there were other children.  Many campgrounds have handicapped sites designed to accommodate wheelchairs.  State parks have activities for families and children.  Camping is no longer pit toilets and mosquitos.  Time away from cell phones, computers and television allows you to slow yourself down and enjoy not only the great outdoors but each other.  For more on this cost effective and relaxing vacation alternative, read on.

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