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Autism on the Seas

A  part of Alumni Cruises, Autism on the Seas provides group cruises with dedicated services for families of children with autism.  The services include, but not limited to, private dining rooms, private rock climbing, private children's activities and more.  Four cruises are targeted for 2008.  For more information, please visit

Medical Travel

A website dedicated to assisting those with disability issues should visit  This website also provides information on accessible villas in Orlando, please visit

Society for Accessible Travel Hospitality

A non-profit association that promotes accessible travel and provides resources for individuals and families with disabilities.  Visit

Airport Regulations

Are you flying instead of driving?  New regulations in the airline industry can make any plane trip a hassle.  One of the biggest recomendations if you are flying is to arrive early and pack a bag to keep your child occupied.  For help with your trip, here is the Transportation Security Administration web page for individual's with disabities.

Traveling Moms

This is an excellent resource for mothers who travel -- with or without the family.  Articles change daily with an active, newly designed messageboard.  Take a moment to check out

Taking the Train?

Here is your page for information on services provided by Amtrak for those with disabilities.

How to Get a Passport

Today, even a visit to Canada requires a passport.  If you are considering a trip over the border, start here with information on how to obtain a US Passport.

Discount Hotel Rooms

As a travel writer I love to discover new methods to cheaper rooms beyond the HotwirePriceline, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak and so on.   I discovered a nonprofit website that scans hundreds of other websites to bring you dozens if not hundreds of hotel rooms in your destination.  I use this site each time I visit New York City.  Each time, I find a hotel that was not otherwise listed on the aforementioned websites.  Try it and see if you like --  Also check out Travel Zoo  for the latest deals.

Here is a tip:  Search Hotels Combined or your favorite travel site to see the going room rate.  Then call the hotel directly.  You may receive a lower rate and your cancellation policy will be more flexible.


Check out this comprehensive section on traveling in Orlando.  Yup, I have a few articles there but there are other great resources.

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