Family Travel and Autism

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Who Are We

Ann Schlosser is mother to a young child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and two neurotypicals.  She is a High School English teacher, author and autism advocate.  Living with her own medical problems, Ann and her husband decided early that their child would go where they went.  Since the diagnosis, they have traveled to the ocean, New York City, mountains, Orlando and camping.  Knowing the difficulties of travel with neurotypical children let alone a child with autism, Ann wished to share her stories, critiques and tips to traveling with a child who has autism.

Ann is the author of Mom, He Did It.  A popular murder mystery written with her mother, Antoinette Taylor available on  Her blog regarding the past year's journey facing a rare Stage IV cancer is available at 

Hire Me

One thing for sure, I love to talk! And I would love to talk as a panelist or speaker at your next event!  Need someone to address adversity, perserverence and triumph despite dire predictions? Perhaps someone to chat about traveling with special needs - their own and their families?

Perhaps you are looking for a more personal discussion about faith, hope and trust?

I have survived and thrived and I love sharing my story, inspiring and helping your audience thrive!

Contact me to discuss your speaking needs at

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